Every successful business is run by a solid team.  Each member contributes a specific set of skills to produce a high quality product.

Steve Rahkola

Steve started his journey in film production when he was in high school.  Making videos with his friends, he developed an initial thirst for visual story telling. It took many years to cultivate into something that he could share with the world, and now he has a great team behind him to help produce beautiful products.

Jake Springman
Sales | Production

Jake bring personality, education and inspiration to all those around him. An aspiring filmmaker himself, Jake has began to shine as an up and coming filmmaker.  Not only does he bring life to the set, but his relationship building skills brings new life to the business. 

Becca Rahkola
Business Manager

Rahk Studios would not be around if it were not for Becca.  Her experience as a Business Manager/Administrator has helped Steve bring his vision to life.  From crunching numbers to dealing with day to day operations, Becca is the true hero of Rahk Studios.

Travis Sorensen
Writer | Production

Travis is a natural writer and creative story teller.  He has the ability to create a compelling out of thin air, and give it life.  Travis brings this unique talent to the RS team, in creating the backbone of every project.