How video helps boost the social media presence of a company

How video helps boost the social media presence of a company

Social media is a powerful marketing tool

The power of video

Video is by far the dominant form of marketing. Chances are when you hear about a product, particularly something you’d watch anyway like a movie or tv show, you’ll hear about it via video marketing. Barely any young people see ads in newspapers or magazines.

According to a recent survey conducted by Facebook, it was revealed that video posts are the most widely viewed type of posts on their site by far. This explains why it is so difficult to have a noticeable presence on social media without making videos.

If you still need convincing just take a look at these stats for how many views each social media receives each day:

· Facebook – 500 million views

· YouTube - 5 billion views

· Snapchat – 10 billion views

Video is more interesting

People want something interesting to look at and the harsh truth is that many people don’t want to just read all the information they are being given. They want something exciting, especially younger people, who are the dominant force of the internet, seek new and interesting ways to absorb information.

Have you ever noticed that an Instagram video will always get more views than a photo post will get likes on the same page? This is because a video doesn’t have to be liked to influence people. Just think of TV commercials. How many times a day do you come across an annoying commercial that you tell yourself you hate but find yourself later that same day using the product being advertised?

This is because no matter how much you try to resist, videos get stuck in your head. You associate colours, music, characters seen in adverts with the product they are marketing.


Out of all these video sharing behemoths, YouTube reigns supreme. Videos are more likely to be shared and go viral when posted on YouTube due to their social media relevance and wider reach.

Over 60% of their videos are viewed on mobile users. This means companies can tailor their videos for mobile users by changing aspect ratios, video length, and placing ads strategically at the beginning of videos. Everything accompany does to market themselves through video is to engage viewers and encourage them to share the content.


Recently, Facebook has been highlighting videos on their site, adding more to the average users feed. As a result, companies have been making videos specifically for Facebook keeping in mind some important elements. When companies produce Facebook videos they need to make sure to:

1. Make the video funny or heart-warming as many Facebook users are older than other social media users.

2. Put emphasis on the first 3 seconds of a video as Facebook videos are shorter and people expect to be engrossed straight away.

3. Focus on visual aspects of the video as many people watch without sound due to the default settings.

As you have probably gathered by now, video marketing is the no.1 marketing strategy for a good reason. No other marketing strategy reaches as many people in quite the same way. With the blow up of social media, companies are increasingly setting out to make compelling videos, each one attempting to win the lottery of going viral.