Intro: Production Journal

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

It was not less than a few weeks ago I was considering to discontinue working as a Professional Filmmaker. I was stressed with my regular job, and with my financial situation. I did not think I could risk my job, finances, or anything else to pursue my dreams.

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Jake on the other hand, not much younger than me, reached EVERY SINGLE one of his dreams. From being a professional musician, to now pursuing becoming a Professional Outdoorsman, he is well on his way to become one!

He told me a while back to pursue my dreams! I was still in the mindset that my dreams were too far or too big to be accomplished. To be a professional filmmaker in the outdoor industry is going to take many hardworking hours. I have never been afraid of hard work, but putting yourself out there has always been a fear of mine. Taking a big risk of not having a regular consistent income to help provide for my family, is also a stress factor.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with my wife Becca about the stress that we were going through. If anyone knows Becca, she is super logical, straight-to-the-point no BS, type A personality type of person. She just simply tells me, pursue your dream! We actually were in a financial position that we were paying all our bills, though not yet paying them off. I have the time, energy and work ethic to pursue my dream of owning my own business and producing films, whether it be for fun, or professionally.

Not more than a week after that, a few potential clients came calling. Along with a friend who has been involved in business for over 15 years met up with me and just unloads years worth of advice to me. Not only all that, an old client called wanting more work! Things were lining up very nicely, and I was getting over my fears.

So here I am, new business plan, new logo, new direction, and one thing in mind: To serve as many people as I can. By helping them tell their own stories through video production, photography, graphic design, web development, and I will serve them with the greatest customer service I know how to provide.

This 'blog' will be used as a Production Journal in the future. Mostly written by myself, and edited by Travis the head writer at Rahk Studios. Come back for more content in the future, and more production on the way. We have many many projects in the works!